National Informatics Centre (NIC) is a premier S & T institution of the Government of India, established in 1976, for providing e-Government / e- Governance Solutions adopting best practices, integrated services and global solutions in Government Sector.
In 1975, the Government of India strategically decided to take effective steps for the development of information systems and utilization of information resources and also for introducing computer based decision support system (informatics-led development) in government ministries and departments to facilitate planning and programme implementation to further the growth of economic and social development. Following this, the Central Government nucleated a high priority plan project "National Informatics Centre (NIC)" in 1976, and later on with the financial assistance of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to the tune of US$4.1 million

Technical Support to IT Centres

We are the IT Consultant to the District Administration, Health Department, Roadways, Police department, Education, Food Supply, Public Relations Department, Sports, Statastic, Red Cross, Women and Child Development, Zila Sainik Board, PWD Public Health, Irrigation, Election Department are among few other offices which use the facilities available with NIC.

Projects Implemented

S.No 20Name of the Activities/Projects Locations where implemented Remarks
1 Haryana Registration Information System[HARIS] Tehsil (Four) Nuh/Tauru/FP Jhirka/Punhana Sub-Tehsil Nagina HARIS has been integrated with HALRIS for all online villages. Any deed registered is reflected in jamabandi online.
2 On-Line Treasury Information System [OTIS] District Treasury: Nuh Sub Treasuries : Tauru, FP Jhirka and Punhana Receipts, payments, pensions are online from sub treasury to District Treasury and district treasury to Directorate office. Receipts are made online from bank to district treasury.
3 Driving Licenses/Vehicle Registration E-Disha Centre for Nuh Subdivision SDO (C), FP Jhirka DTO Nuh All transactions related to registration of vehicles viz new vehicle, transfer, duplicate RC, NOC are done
4 Haryana Pension Processing & Information System [HaPPIS] Online
5 Web Site & District Mewat Official Web Site of District Mewat Has been redesigned completely.
6 Computerisation of Land Records All four tehsils and subtehsil 129 villages of the district have been made online
7 Training Hands on training provided to all the clerical staff of the District Administration office on basics of computer & use of MS-Word/Excel etc Customized training to the end users/operators on customize software At present training is being provided in NIC Centre.
8 General Need based support General Elections to the Lok- Sabha’2009 & Vidhan Sabha 2009 Establishment of ICT based Media Cells during the festival /sports/special occasions held in Mewat district Technical Support for procurement etc. Email/Internet Facility Support to DC office branches as well as all offices/departments
9 District IT Society, Mewat Chairman- Deputy Commissioner
Member Secretary – SDM (C) NUH
10 BPL Validations Helped DRDA and agency in doing validations
11 State Wide Area Network (SWAN) All Block and Tehsil HQs, DRDA, Municipal Committee, GM, Roadways, DETC, DEO, DPEO, Women & Child Welfare, District Court.
12 HARCIS (Domicile/ Income/Caste Certificates) e-Disha Centre
13 Social Welfare Schemes e-Disha Centre Application regarding social welfare schemes like oldage pension, widow pension, handicapped pension, Financial aid to destitute children, laadli yojna and sent to concerned departments
14 BDMIS Al-afia Hospital, Mandikhera.
15 Revenue Court Computerisation(Record) Online Cause List is being Generated.
16 CIPA Common Integrated Police Applications CIPA has been implemented in all 6 police stations.
17 CM Announcement monitoring System Implemented in NIC Office Around record of 70 thousands beneficiaries processed every month to generate APR.
18 Haryana Pension Processing & Information System [HaPPIS] Online
19 Employee Statistical survey [ESS] District Statistical Office, Mewat.
20 AGMARKNET Market Committee Nuh/Tauru/FP Jhirka/Punhana Monthly report being generated at printed.

Projects Implemented

  • Online Treasury Information System (OTIS):

    This System has been successfully implemented in District Treasury Office and all 3 Sub-Treasuries of district Mewat. It facilitates District Administration and Public in easy and transparent payment and receipt procedures. Daily data of Payments & Receipts is transmitted to State Hqrs through dial-up connectivity.

  • Haryana Registration Information System (HARIS):

    In all Tehsils of district and Sub-Tehsil Mewat, HARIS has been implemented to ensure speedy registration and proper evaluation of Stamp Duty. The photos of Seller, Purchaser & Witnesses are captured through WEBCAM and stored in Database.

  • Issue of Birth & Death Certificates

    Al-afia Hospital Mandikhera. The computerized system developed for this purpose issue these certificates after receiving the application.

  • Haryana Pension Processing & Information System (HaPPIS):

    Social Welfare Department takes care of generation of reports towards the distribution of Old age, Widow and Handicapped pension every month.

  • The Motor Vehicle Registration System and Driving License Information System:

    have been working successfully for the last 6 years in Nuh and FP Jhirka Sub Divisions and DTO Nuh. The National Level softwares, VAHAN ( Motor vehicle Registration) and SARATHI ( DRIVING LICENSE) are being used for it to provide better services to citizens.

  • District Court Computerization:

    District Court Computerization is being implemented.

  • District Rural Development Agency:

    DRDA has been fully computerized. LAN is functional & implementation of MPR Compilation Software for DRDA's scheme, BPL, JGSY & other schemes has been done successfully.

  • Land Records Computerization Project:

    Jamabandis of District Mewat have been computerized through HALRIS (Haryana Land Records Information System). The finalized Jamabandis with mutations are available on the official website of Revenue Deptt. ( The ROR copy is being issued from Tehsil Computer Centre, Nuh, Tauru, FP Jhirka, Punhana & Nagina Sub tehsil.

  • Training:

    NIC- DIC has conducted several computer training programs for government officials of various user-departments. More than 100 officials have been trained during the last 2 years to improve their efficiency in IT awareness.

  • NICNET Internet/E-mail:

    Officials/Officers of District Administration & user-departments have been trained on the usage of E-Mail operations, Internet browsing to prepare them for e-Governance.

  • An ISDN based Video Conferencing:

    It was made operational in April 2007 and is being used by District Administration to interact with Senior Officers at Chandigarh and other districts.