The Social Justice & Empowerment Department is working independently since the bifurcation of Social Welfare Department in the year 1992. The Department is implementing a number of schemes for the care, protection and rehabilitation of socially under privileged.
Earlier the Social Justice & Empowerment Department was working within a very small area having few welfare schemes. Now, it has expanded its area of schemes and has implemented schemes since the creation of the Departments covering beneficiaries belonging to urban as well as rural areas. At present, the Department is implementing a number of schemes for the welfare of senior citizens, orphan/destitute children, Widows & destitute women, mentally retarded children, the blind, deaf & dumb, kashmiri migrants, dwarfs & eunuchs minority communities such as Muslim, Sikhs, Christens, Paris etc., in the state.
Besides, the welfare of vulnerable groups of the society, the Department is also providing social security and economical assistance to the Senior Citizen, Widows and disabled of the States in the form of monthly pension who are unable to sustain themselves from their own resources and are in need of financial assistance.

FAQ (Frequently asked question)

    Public vested in the office for new pensions and disbursement of pension, the reason/doubts of their query are cleared on the spot. They usually asked
  • What the procedure of getting new pension is
  • Why pension has not disbursed to them
  • Why pension is not being disbursed in the and.
  • When pension will be disbursed etc.

List of PIO and APIO

  • Sh. MahavirGodara, DSWO as PIO
  • Sh. Kanwar Pal, Investigator as APIO