Chief Medical Office

Health Services in Nuh

Following steps were taken to improve various health programmes in District Mewat.

1. Infrastructure:-

• Total No. of General Hospital :01 (At Manidikhera)

• Total No. of CHC :03 (At Nuh, Punhana &F.P. Jhirka)

• Total No. of PHC :10( Biwan, Nagina, Marora, Singar, Pingwan, Tigaon, M.P. Ahir, Tauru, Ghasera & Ujina)

• In addition to already existing health instution (GH/CHC/PHC/S/C), 7 PHCs and 54 Sub Centres were sanctioned and 7 PHCs, 32 Sub Centres is likely to be started very shortly and process of construction of rest of the Sub Centres are going on.

• Upgradation of one CHC from PHC (Pingwan) and 4 PHCs under construction funded by Multi Sectoral Development Plan, Govt. of India (Ministry of Minorities)

2. Human Resouces:-

To sort out the problem of shortage of Doctors in Mewat, a special incentive was sanctioned in year 2009. At present the following specialist Doctors are working in District Mewat.

i. Anaesthetist 2

ii. Physician 2

iii. Orthopeadician 2

iv. Eye Surgeon 3

v. Gyneacologist 1

vi. Peadiatrician 1

Under NRHM the post of various categories of Para Medcial Staff have been filled on contract basis

3. Referral Traspost Scheme:-

In Oct, 2007, this scheme was launched in District Mewat only funded by MDA for transporting pregnant mother from their houses to Health Facilities for improving institutional Deliveries free of cost. Later Haryana Govt. under NRHM this scheme was expanded in whole of Haryana in year Nov. 2009. Under this Scheme Pregnant Monther, Infant upto 30 days, Roadside accident and serious patient belonging to the BPL Families are entitled for free of cost for providing ambulances from their homes/accidental sites to health institution and higher centres for providing appropriate treatment. At present there are 18 ambulances in the fleet of RTS and for4 additional ambulances have demanded will be received very soon. So far 48838 patients were benefited under this scheme.

4. Janany Shishu Surksha Yojna:-

This scheme was launched from district Mewat on Ist June, 2011 and inaugurated by Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson of National Advisory Council. Under this scheme these were the main components:-

• Free Delivery.

• Free Medicines/Free Treatment (During pregnancy, during delivery and upto 42 days after delivery and New born upto 30 days) • Free Transport

• Free Diet

5. Janany Surksha Yojna:-

There are two components of this scheme i.e. STATE and NRHM. Under State component the benefits are being given to all SC pregnant lady in the form Rs. 1500 hundred in various stages or lump sum and in NRHM components the benefits are being given pregnant mothers belonging to SC/BPL family upto two children and benefits are given in the form of Rs. 500 hundred and 700 hundred for home and institutional delivery respectively in rural area. Rs. 600 hundred given in urban area.

6. Immunization :-

As per DLHS-III (2008-09) the full immunized children was 12 %. After that immunization transport system was established in year 2009 to improve the immunization coverage as public transport system in district Mewat was very poor on every Wednesday and Friday these vehicles carry vaccine and staff to the outreach session. With the result there are improvements in the immunization coverage. Year 2012-13 was declared as year of intensification of routine immunization. For special immunization were celebrated in this year in Dec. 2012, January, Feb. and March 2013. New computerized micro plans were prepared and has been implemented and there is no left out area in this district without immunization session. Front line workers( ANM, AWW, ASHA) were trained in RI and are helping in mobilizing the community to the session site.

7. Immunization transport Service:-

27 vehicles hired under this services funded by MDA. Detailed already given in point 6.

8. Free medicine in OPD, Casualty and Indoor:-

398 type of medicine are available in Centre drug store and medicine are being provided to the patients free of cost at each health facilities as per their criteria.

9. SNCU:-

Sick New Born Care Unit was established in General Hospital, Mandikhera in July 2010. To provide the services to neonates one paediatric with team of trained doctor are working round the clock.

10. Medical Mobile Unit:-

MMU is a bus who services the difficult area comes under that particular district. Services provide by MMU are Immunization, ANC, General OPD and Medicines are also available in MMU and one MO, Phamacist, ANM, Staff Nurses and drivers has been deployed.

11. RNTCP:-

This scheme was introduced in 1997 by Govt. of India. DOTs were opened in each village of the district Mewat and DOTS provider monitor the treatment of patient and supervision is done by STS, STLS, MO TU and district nodal officer of RNTCP on monthly & Quarterly basis. Two types of medicine are given, category I and IInd to the positive cases fro duration of 6 to 8 months. There 394 DOTS are opened the villages 13 DMC started and 2 TU in mewat started.

12. IBSY:-

Under this scheme medical officer and Dental Surgeon visted to each schools (Government and Privatwe) comes under district Mewat. Medcial Officers and Dental Surgeons examined the children for Anemia, Mal Nurtition, Disease and Disability. Three Phases of IBSY are already being compled and 4th Phase is stall in a Process.

13. Malaria:-

Under the Scheme, district Mewat was divided in 84 sections and 13 sectors. Each sections have one ANM and one MPHW (M) and each Sector have one HI and LHV for preparing Blood slides in active areas.