About NUH
NUH : Land of Meos
NUH, adjacent to District Gurgaon, is a land of rich cultural heritage with historical background. The Meos, who trace their roots to the early Aryan invasion of Northern India, call them selves Kshatriyas and have preserved their social and cultural traits to a surprisingly to the large extent. Geographically, NUH District is situated between 26-degree and 30-degree North Latitude and 76-degree and 78-degree East longitude. Gurgaon district bounds it on its North, while Rewari district lies to its West and Palwal district to its East. On South, the district shares its boundary with the State of Rajasthan. NUH district is largely comprises of planes. Inconsistency in NUH topography is evident from its patches of land with hills and hillock of the Aravali Mountain on the one hand and plains on the other. Thus, physio-graphically the area is divided into two tracts- upland and low land.
SL No.ParticularsTotalRuralUrban
1Population Total1089263965157124106
2Population(Age 0-6) Total24812822506923059
3SC Population Total752515723818013
5Sex Ratio(Female per 1000 males)Total905907903
SL No.ParticularsFigure
1Total Area153257 Hect.
2Cultivable Area113550 Hect.
3Cultivated Area 108334 Hect.
4Net irrigation Area
By Canal16432 Hect.
by T/Well59527 Hect.
Total75959 Hect.
5No. of Tractor5688
6No. of Seed cum fertilizer drill3110
7Crop intensity150%
8No. of Hafed Sale Centre3
9 No. of HSDC Sale Centre3